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Street Café


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  • Appetizers & Dishes

    Appetizers & Dishes

    Café Radh, one of the best places to eat in Kandy, serves a menu of carefully selected appetizers & dishes that include chicken caesar salad, mixed winter salad, and prawn and grapefruit salad. Get off to a fabulous meal with our appetizers & dishes.
  • Soups


    We serve you some delicious soups, concocted with flair and passion, that will whet your appetite and tingle your tastebuds at the same time.
  • Our Menu

    Our Menu

    Enjoy our delicious food at The Radh.
  • Pasta


    If you’re a die-hard pasta fan, you’ll be right in for some of the greatest surprises at Café Radh, we will make your wildest gastronomic dreams come true serving some of the most scrumptious Pasta to you – perhaps, the very best of your life.
  • Main Dishes

    Main Dishes

    We serve a delectable assortment of main dishes that are rich and varied in flavor at Café Radh in Kandy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whichever your finger points at, we’ll execute and serve you with great passion.
  • Side Dishes

    Side Dishes

    At Café Radh Kandy, you can pick a side dish from among a selection that includes mashed potatoes, sweet potato wedges, steam or saute mixed vegetable, and French fries, which will be a perfect accompaniment to whatever mains that you order.
  • Dessert


    With our tantalizing selection of desserts at Café Radh Kandy, we have something for every palate. From fresh fruit platter to strawberry cheesecake to a range of ice-cream to Watalappan and some more in between, you can indulge your sweet tooth well.
  • Beverages


    Here, we proudly bring you an enticing menu of beverages ranging from some of the most exotic coffees and tea to fresh juices giving you a fabulously broad choice.
Street Café


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