• Aerial view of mountain at kandy, Sri Lanka

    The Storied Seven Mountain Peaks

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View of mountain at kandy, Sri Lanka

Hanthana Mountain Range

Located 7 km from The Radh Hotel, the Hanthana mountain range is so named because of the seven individual peaks to be climbed there. It’s hugely popular among those who enjoy hiking, camping, bird-watching, and being close to nature in many ways. The seven summits give some magnificent views of Kandy city, the Knuckles range, the Dolosbage range of Aranayake, and also the hills of Sabaragamuwa region. The picturesque mountain range has inspired many an artist who has created some of the best-loved novels, songs, movies and other works of art.  An excursion in the Hanthana mountain range will truly add to your stay at The Radh.

Distance From the Property

7 km

26 minutes